We are all living in exciting times, times in which our perception of different media and the content that we love is undergoing a fundamental shift. No longer are mainstream record labels, the big televisions stations and large traditional publishing houses the only disseminators of music and stories. Indie-artists are carving their niches to adoring and fiercely loyal fans, television series are brought back to life by fan effort, Netflix or Kickstarter campaigns, and indie- and micropublishing has never been as exciting and widely accessible as it is right now.

 Digital media is the great equalizer: it allows us to read, watch and listen to exactly what we want, whether that is the newly hyped best-seller or the underdog challenging our preconceived notions of quality. We don’t have to choose between ideologies or marketing models – we only choose the stories that we love, from Game of Thrones to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Digital media empowers us as readers, fans, writers and creators to come together in our love of stories, to make up our own minds about we want to read, listen to and support. We are not a market or a target group, we are living, breathing, loving people with the capacity to find our tribe.

We believe that reading is fiercely personal, that the stories we love and connect to say something about us as people and also, that the books we read form and foster the people we want to be, the way we want to think and act.

In the history of books and widespread literacy, there has never been as diverse and plentiful a pool of writing to choose from. It can be daunting, both for writers and for readers, but we can also see it as the most amazing opportunity for discovery: discovery of what brings us joy, what helps us develop empathy, and understanding for people from all walks of life – and eventually, discovery of who we are as people, as readers: arguably the most embracing and passionate global community we can be part of today.

At Lilt Literary we believe in crossing genres, in telling stories about people who care about the world they inhabit, people with opinions, diverse backgrounds, fears, values and beliefs. We want to tell stories about the world we live in, whether in fantasy setting or a contemporary one. We believe in incorporating social issues, women’s and minority rights, people who identify in different places on the spectrums of gender and sexuality, as well as those who deal with the stigma attached to mental health.

We believe we’re not the only ones. Our mission is to create content, through books, short stories, podcasts, blogs and even memes, that engage, entertain, encourage debate, thought, passion, and, above all, the belief that we all have a hand in how art is sustained.


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