Authorservices1   Although Lilt Literary is not quite ready to accept submissions and to bring new authors on board, we would love to offer our skills to support other self- and micro publishers. L.C. Spoering is a trained and experienced editor with a BA in English Writing. Laila Blake is a trained translator and editor with an MA in Specialized Translating and Applied Linguistics. She is also a self-trained graphic designer.

We offer editing and translating services, and we can also work with you to create the best cover for your books, as well as help you with your PR strategy.


Each option below includes a consultation (if you wish via Skype, otherwise per email) as well as two rounds of additional edits after you receive the first mock-up. Please note that the prices below do NOT include the cost of source materials (usually around 5-20$ per photo, but if you want something special or custom artwork, it can go up to hundreds of dollars).

Ebook cover simple (1 image + texture and font): 60 $

Ebook cover complex (2-3 blended images + texture and font): 100 $

Ebook cover simple + Print cover: 160 $

Ebook cover complex + Print cover: 200 $ 

Please contact us for a final quote at cover


Are you looking for someone to help you set up a website, social media accounts, a blog tour or other author staples? We aren’t a web design agency, nor do we host blog tours, but we’d be more than happy to consult with you, on how you can do most of it yourself and help you realize it, on a pay per hour basis.

We believe that the do-it-yourself model of publishing offers a lot of benefits as you get to know the process and the people, as you gain friends in the book reviewer community and appreciate how your advertising efforts translate into sales. But everybody needs a little help getting started.

Please contact us with your needs and we’ll be happy to help you!

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