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Lilt is on a brief hiatus while we work on ten projects at once and Lorrie gets into the wine. In the meantime, we wanted to relink some of our pasts podcasts in anticipation of the start of NanoWriMo next week!

Episode 7: Planning vs. Pantsing

Episode 12: Writing “sensitive” male characters.

Episode 13: Writer’s Block

We’ll be back on the 28th with our monthly reading wrap-up. Join us then, and for the wild month of writing ahead!

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Episode 7: Planning vs. Pantsing


in which Laila and Lorrie discuss  their methods
of planning novels vs. not planning them.
(If the application doesn’t work for you, please click here for the audio-file!)

What about you? Do you plan novels or not?
Also, next week, we’ll discuss co-writing so please leave us any questions or comments you might have!

Let us know in the comments, tweet us or leave a comment on our facebook page!

Our intro music was taken from the Free Music Archive: 
GeeNerve - Pink Fish Signs (Take Two).

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