Date:                    04/03/2014

Contact:              Laila Blake and Lorrie Spoering,

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Cross-Atlantic writing partnership introduces genre-defying survival love story

Laila Blake & L.C.Spoering of Lilt Literary release After Life Lessons, a story of love, grief and hope in the time of zombies.

Denver/Colorado and Cologne/Germany – Just in time for spring on April 8th, Lilt Literary comes out with After Life Lessons, a novel about the renewal of life and hope after the end of the world.  Written and produced in a national border-defying partnership, German native Laila Blake and Coloradoan L.C. Spoering created a zombie story for readers who don’t particularly like action or horror, and a love story for those who may not always get what they are looking for from traditional romance.

“One of our main objectives in After Life Lessons was to examine gender roles in our characters. We loved playing with the idea of a traditional alpha hero, only turn it around on him as the story unfolds, and let Emily, the female lead, experiment with more and more so-called masculine traits.” Blake says about their novel.

After months of struggling south to escape the zombie-infested remains of New York, a snowstorm traps 23-year old artist, Emily, and her son in an abandoned gas station. Starving and desperate, they encounter Aaron, an Army medic on a mission of his own, who offers them a ride to ease the journey.

The road is a long and dangerous place to travel, and every day brings a new threat. But fear and adrenaline also drive the two closer together; they find laughter and a budding attraction that starts to thaw at their numb and deadened feelings. And that’s when the pain really starts to hit, when places long thought lost prickle back to life. Eventually, they will have to fight not just for survival, but for a future together, or their broken world will swallow them whole.

Award-winning author Deborah O’Neill Cordes describes After Life Lessons as “a complex and moving tale” that “will stay with you long after you finish the last page.”

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