The Breaking in Waves Series

by Laila Blake

Breaking in Waves is an erotic trilogy comprising Driftwood Deeds, Trading Tides and Saltwater Skin. It follows the relationship of  hermit screenwriter Paul Archer and young media journalist Iris, who comes to interview him in his seaside home. While Iris has long been curious about Dominance and submission, she has never had a taste. So when Paul offers to give her one, she jumps at the chance for an adventure. Of course nothing is ever that easy and when feelings start to develop between them, they have try and make to work across the distance and an age gap,  try to fit their disparate puzzle pieces together somehow. Breaking in Waves may never be a story everybody loves. It wasn’t conceived that way, and that’s not its goal. It’s erotic fiction with a literary bent, with a whiff of rebellion against the expected and the profitable. It’s a story that searches for those qualities in its readers, too, a story that wants to latch onto someone who is also searching, longing for something just a little bit different. And just maybe it’s been searching for you.


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Trading Tides, Breaking in Waves #2, Laila Blake goodreads-badge

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