Reviewer’s Package: After Life Lessons



Before anything else, let me take the opportunity to thank you once more for your interest in After Life Lessons. It means the world to us and we couldn’t be more excited about this release and your participation!
We are trying to make this process as simple as possible, hopefully sparing you trying to gather all the information you might need.

1. We uploaded the different formats onto our server. Please choose your preferred format below. We would also like to make it clear again that this is an advanced review copy. It should be pretty clean, but is still undergoing a final round of external copy-edits. Thank you so much!

[After Life Lessons ARC MOBI][After Life Lessons ARC EPUB][After Life Lessons ARC PDF]


2. Please head on over to the tour schedule and pick a date. Anything in April is open, or even some of the free ones in late March. We will book at least 2 reviews per day (and more around the release date) so feel free to sign up for one that’s already taken. Pick a date either by commenting on the post or by sending an email to


3. While it would be great for the review to appear on your blog at the date you picked (it isn’t imparative, really, we’re just hoping for a nice, relatively even spread), feel free to post it on Goodreads whenever you want to.
We are also hoping to quote 2-5 reviews in the actual copy we will upload to retailers – if you liked the book and are interested in being featured there, please email us your review (or just a quote) before the beginning of April.


4. Please find all kinds of graphics and all links in our media kit. The retail links will be added once we have them.
The giveaway will run until the end of April. We’d love to see it featured along-side the review.


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6. If — and only if — you like the book, could we ask you for one more favor? It would really help us if you could take a minute or two, and vote for After Life Lessons on Goodreads listopia – for example on these lists. Or, if you are part of a group, to nominate it as a group read or similar. We’d be eternally grateful! 😀